Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Art of the LP - Adam Ant's "Adam Ant is The BlueBlack Hussar Marrying The Gunner's Daughter" (2013)

Adam Ant is The BlueBlack Hussar Marrying The Gunner's Daughter

For this guy, every day is truly 1981! Yes, Adam, you are the greatest Highway Robber cum Seafarin' Pirate cum Palace Dandy cum Harem Ponce who ever lived!             

Yap, avast tharrrr me mateys, after 18 years, the New Wave/pop popster  (Mr Ant in his latest incarnation, Adam Ant and The Good, the Mad and the Lovely Posse! [yeah, really!!]) returns to the musical fray this week .

With what? Well. obviously with a pirate-themed concept album (adding to the hundreds of albums in that must abused genre!), the minimalist and immensely sensible title "Adam Ant is The BlueBlack Hussar Marrying The Gunner's Daughter"!

Y'arr, stuffed to the sails with 17 songs she surely be y'arr .... lead single “Cool Zombie,” along with stuff with handles like “Cradle Your Hatred,” “Who’s a Goofy Bunny?” and "Hardmentoughblokes." 

... Great stuff there matey, Cap'n Adam Sparrow!

Adding to the bombast, the release will be supported by new, erm, "movie" - obviously called "The Blueblack Hussar"! - produced by, not some inexperienced charlatan douche like Scorcese or Coppola, rather some real cinematic genius, Klaxons bassist Jamie Reynolds! ...... Can't fucking wait!

A fetching red-headed pirate wench on the cover at least (albeit one that does look like she's been decapitated!)

Very 'artistically', of course, the cover eschews a title! And I guess they accidently fucked up the 'D' in the Cap'n's name there! Ya'rrr that rum slugging graphic artist be walkin' the plank as we speak!

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