Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Video - Suzi Pinns does "Rule Britannia"

"SHE'S MY NUMBA ONE!!" ... indeed!

Demure, over-dressed, punk chick Suzi Pinns (yes, surely the name her mum knows her by!) does a rather post-modernist and rather wonderful rather f*cked up version of the anachronistic insidious colonialist anthem "Rule Britannia" (not exactly the version heard at the vile annual Proms!)

Ms. Pinns was actually a bird called Jordan (not the silly silly-coned bimbo of the same handle) who was, at the time, manager of (and sometime vocalist with) Adam and the Ants.

Yap, a relatively mild and uncontroversial scene from shock queen Derek Jarman's "Jubilee", a film created to erm, commemorate the so-called 'silver jubilee' of her very lowness Queen Beth back in 1977.

Man, it seems said royal hag will surely be around forever! There must be some vampiric blood somewhere in that inbred German family lineage!

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