Friday, 26 November 2010

The Music - Ocean Music release "7 Wishes for Christmas" EP

Ocean Music release "7 Wishes for Christmas"

The excellent French indie label Ocean Music is well-known to be a haven for the music lover. This year, they've decided to celebrate the Christmas season with 7 wishes for Christmas  : 7 songs recorded by 7 bands especially for this time of year.

Revenues from this compilation will be fully paid to a charity collective.

US folk artist, Lisa Cerbone - who worked with Mark Kozelek - covers « The Chipmunk Song » from famous cartoon « Alvin and The Chipmunks » as a delicate folk lullaby.

Minute Orchestra, composed of english multi-instrumentist and producer, Ben Mac Garvey and canadian singer-songwriter Ryan Lamey, splendidly covers an amazing Kate Bush song « December will be magic again ».

Lidwine revisits with grace and elegance an old classic song from 1944 « the Christmas Song », first recorded by Nat King Cole in 1946. The artist has just released her debut EP « Lw ».

Helluvah pays tribute to the Ramones and sings an electro rock version of  « Merry Christmas » giving it a New Wave. feel Her second album « As We Move Silently » will be out in the beginning of 2011.

French / Swedish artist Vincent Stockholm is an enigmatic sound collector gives us a new song inspired by the famous hit by George Michael, « Last Christmas » approaching the song with sweetness and refinement. Vincent Stockholm is currently working his first album « The Race ».

French duo On Exist, from Toulouse, comprises Muriel Erdödy (ex-Boudu Les Cops) and Denis Leroux (Rakoto, Pictofacto). With the original title, « Si La Neige », they mix melancholia , humor and sensitivity. On Exist wrote and recorded the song especially for this record. They will release their first album in the beginning of 2011.

Lulu’s Not My Name (a duo composed of Sébastien Bédé (A Loulia) and Charlotte Dechaume) offers a dreamlike composition mixing epic fantasy and misty music. The duet appears on the new International Hyper Rythmique EP « Carry Out »

The release date for  "7 wishes for Christmas" is the 6th of December : St Nicolas day !

This and a lot of other fine relases can be found at

1- Lisa Cerbone « The Chipmunk Song »
2- Minute Orchestra « December Will Be Magic Again »
3- Lidwine « The Christmas Song »
4- Vincent Stockholm « Last Christmas »
5- Helluvah « Merry Christmas »
6- On Exist « Si La Neige »
7- Lulu's Not My Name « Cotton Balls & Heroes »

This and a lot of other fine relases can be found at

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