Monday, 1 July 2013

Moments In Time - Roman Romanski weds Sharon Tate (January 1968)

Even though I've seen the movie. I don't want to check your pulse. I don't want nobody else. I don't want to go to Chelsea.

On January 20, 1968, a dolled-up Roman Romanski (looking just like a Mike Myers character!) and a sumptuous, skimpily-clad, Sharon Tate were married in Chelsea, London, followed by a star studded reception at the Playboy Club. Real classy!!

Cutting the cake, Roman says he "wants a Hippy not a Housewife"! Not sure what that means! Who the hell wants to be near a hippy let alone marry one?!

We love the "groovy man" commentary on this news clip ("there's very dishy Candice Bergen" etc!) - all delivered in a faux, "marbles in mouth", upper-class Brit accent!!

Who knew that "Austin Powers" was really a documentary!!

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