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My Bloody Valentine - Discography

Do we like My Bloody Valentine?

No, we don't like My Bloody Valentine! We fucking love them!

My Bloody Valentine were/are a truly innovative and influential band.

Their sound was ripped off left, right and centre, especially in the rather awful shoegazing period!

The Irish Times recently published an All-Time Top 40 Irish Albums list and Loveless by My Bloody Valentine is at No.1!

MBV have been around a long time now. Colm Cusack (before he was known by his Gaeilic name Colm O'Ciosoig) and Kevin Shields had met in the late 1970s as teenagers in Dublin and joined a local punk rock band named The Complex.

Towards the end of 1983, Shields and O'Ciosoig formed their own band with singer Dave Conway. Conway, who went by the stage name Dave Stelfox, suggested names such as Burning Peacocks before they settled on My Bloody Valentine.

The band's initial line up was completed by Conway's girlfriend Tina, who played keyboards. Like Madonna, Tina never had a surname!

You can read all about MBV here; wiki/My_Bloody_Valentine

A great track from MBV's infamous and somewhat maligned last album Loveless (in their original incarnation, anyway!)

My Bloody Valentine - Only Shallow

We've posted a few MBV collections before ...

And now, we offer a shitload of more wonderful MBV stuff!

Yes indeed friends, here we have the full My Bloody Valentine studio Discography of albums, EPs and compilations.

A wet dream for the real MBV fan!

BTW ... Ever wondered about the configuration of pedal equipment used by Kevin Shields??! Well, wonder no more!! .....

My Bloody Valentine - Discography

MBV have released two studio albums, eight singles, ten extended plays, and one compilation album.

This list does not include material performed by members or former members of My Bloody Valentine that was recorded as Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions, Primal Scream or related sideprojects.

Studio albums

1988 Isn't Anything
* Released: November 1988
* Label: Creation Records
* Formats: CD, cassette, vinyl

1991 Loveless
* Released: November 4, 1991
* Label: Creation Records
* Formats: CD, cassette, vinyl


1989 Ecstasy and Wine
* Label: Lazy records
* Released: November, 1989
* Format: CD, vinyl


1985 This Is Your Bloody Valentine
1985 Geek!
1986 The New Record by My Bloody Valentine
1986 Sunny Sundae Smile
1987 Strawberry Wine
1987 Ecstasy
1988 You Made Me Realise
1988 Feed Me with Your Kiss
1990 Glider
1990 Glider Remixes
1991 Tremolo

My Bloody Valentine - This Is Your Bloody Valentine (1985)

We've got a mini-LP we made in Berlin in '84, pre-Mary Chain, ... with all our traits there - feedback thrash.

Already posted here: This Is Your Bloody Valentine

My Bloody Valentine - Geek! (1985)

Geek! was the second EP by My Bloody Valentine, and their first to feature bass player Debbie Googe. It was released in December 1985.

The record has become nearly impossible to find, with used copies procuring price tags up to nearly USD $200.00!

1. "No Place to Go" – 3:20
2. "Moonlight" – 3:20


The New Record by My Bloody Valentine cover

The New Record by My Bloody Valentine (1986)

The New Record by My Bloody Valentine is the third EP by My Bloody Valentine, released in September 1986. The EP marked a shift away from the band's early post-punk sound, reflecting more the burgeoning C86-brand of indie pop.

1. "Lovelee Sweet Darlene" – 2:13
2. "By the Danger in Your Eyes" – 2:51
3. "On Another Rainy Saturday" – 2:41
4. "We're So Beautiful" – 2:31

My Bloody Valentine - Sunny Sundae Smile (1986)

Sunny Sundae Smile was the fourth EP by My Bloody Valentine. Released in February 1987, it was their first for Lazy Records, and the last to feature original vocalist Dave Conway.

1. "Sunny Sundae Smile" – 2:30
2. "Paint a Rainbow" – 2:19


Strawberry Wine cover
My Bloody Valentine - Strawberry Wine EP (1987)

Strawberry Wine is a 1987 EP by My Bloody Valentine, their first release to feature singer/guitarist Bilinda Butcher who shared vocal duties with Kevin Shields following the departure of Dave Conway.

Only 2,500 copies were released.

The contents of the EP were later combined with the group's next release, Ecstasy, and reissued as the mini-album Ecstasy and Wine, although a different version of the title track "Strawberry Wine" was used.

01 - Strawberry Wine
02 - Never Say Goodbye
03 - Can I Touch You


My Bloody Valentine - Ecstasy EP (1987)

Ecstasy is a mini-LP by My Bloody Valentine, released in an edition of 3,000 copies in November 1987. It was their last material recorded for Lazy Records, and followed the "bubblegum pop with buzzsaw guitars" formula of their earlier releases for the label, shifting away from their earlier sound.

Ecstasy entered the UK indie album chart in December 1987, spending four weeks on the chart and peaking at number 12.

The contents of the LP were later combined with the group's previous release, Strawberry Wine, and reissued as the album Ecstasy and Wine.
Side one

1. "She Loves You No Less" – 2:34
2. "The Things I Miss" – 2:56 *
3. "I Don't Need You" – 3:08
4. "(You're) Safe in Your Sleep (From This Girl)" – 2:31

Side two

1. "Clair" – 2:33 *
2. "You've Got Nothing" – 3:41
3. "(Please) Lose Yourself in Me" – 3:26 *

All songs written by Kevin Shields except * by Shields/Colm Ó Cíosóig.


My Bloody Valentine - You Made Me Realise EP (1988)
MP3 and WAV!

A seminal and hugely influential (i.e. ripped off left, right and centre!!) EP/ 12 inch!

Hard to believe this came out 20 years ago! Fuck, that makes me feel old!

You Made Me Realise is the lead track of an otherwise untitled EP by My Bloody Valentine, released in August 1988.

It was MBV's first record for Creation Records, and their first to consistently demonstrate the beginnings of their signature sound. Though a fairly short track in its recorded version, during live performances the band would repeat a single chord from the song for as long as they felt bearable, the song descending into cacophony for upwards of twenty minutes. The band referred to this as the "holocaust section".

For their 2008 reunion shows, You Made Me Realise has brought each show to an ear-splitting conclusion.

In March 2005, Q magazine placed "You Made Me Realise" at number 35 in its list of the 100 Greatest Guitar Tracks.

In May 2007, NME magazine placed "You Made Me Realise" at number 50 in its list of the 50 Greatest Indie Anthems Ever!

Creation 12-inch

1. "You Made Me Realise" – 3:46
2. "Slow" – 3:11
3. "Thorn" – 3:36
4. "Cigarette In Your Bed" – 3:29
5. "Drive It All Over Me" – 3:04

My Bloody Valentine - You Made Me Realise - Creation 12-inch (Vinyl -> WAV)



My Bloody Valentine - Feed Me With Your Kiss EP (1988)

Feed Me with Your Kiss is the lead track of an otherwise untitled EP by My Bloody Valentine, released in November 1988. The lead track was also included on their debut album, Isn't Anything, released during the same month.

1. "Feed Me with Your Kiss" – 3:56
2. "I Believe" – 3:01


My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything LP (1988)

The magnificent debut album!

We've already posted this here .. Isn't Anything

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My Bloody Valentine -The Peel Sessions (1988)

Surprising how close these tracks are to their "proper" versions and not just rushed live versions! Who said Shields needs 1 year to record 1 track?! Here they rush through four tracks in one day??

01 - I Can See It (But I Can't Feel It)
02 - Lose My Breath
03 - (When You Wake) You're Still In A Dream
04 - Feed Me With Your Kiss



Ecstasy and Wine cover
My Bloody Valentine - Ecstasy and Wine (1989)

Ecstasy and Wine is a compilation album by My Bloody Valentine, released by Lazy Records in February 1989, at which time the group were signed to Creation.

The album combines the EPs Strawberry Wine and Ecstasy, although a different version of the track "Strawberry Wine" was used.

Side one
1. "Strawberry Wine" – 2:33
2. "Never Say Goodbye" – 2:32
3. "Can I Touch You" – 3:15
4. "She Loves You No Less" – 2:34
5. "The Things I Miss" – 2:56

Side two
1. "I Don't Need You" – 3:08
2. "(You're) Safe in Your Sleep (From This Girl)" – 2:31
3. "Clair" – 2:33
4. "You've Got Nothing" – 3:41
5. "(Please) Lose Yourself in Me" – 3:26

Glider cover
My Bloody Valentine - Glider (1990)

Glider was originally released in April 1990 by Creation Records. The EP was also the group's first release on the Sire Records label in the USA. The lead track, "Soon", was later included on the Loveless album.

1. "Soon"
2. "Glider"


My Bloody Valentine - Glider (Remixes) - 1990

There were two remixed versions. This is the Second 12-inch - Cat. no.: CRE073T (also reported as CRE073TX)

1. "Soon" (The Andrew Weatherall Mix) – 7:33
2. "Glider" (Kevin Shields Remix)


Loveless cover
My Bloody Valentine -Loveless (1991)

The long awaited second LP eventually arrived in 91, after years during which Shields perfection obsession apparently grew to demented Howard Hughes levels!

Countless studios and countless engineers were tried and dropped and a record company was almost made bankrupt!!

Loveless was recorded over a two-year period between 1989 and 1991 in nineteen recording studios. Kevin Shields dominated the recording process as he sought to achieve a particular sound for the record, making use of various techniques such as guitars strummed with a tremolo bar, sampled drum loops, and obscured vocals. A large number of engineers were hired and fired during the process, although the band finally gave credit on the album sleeve to anyone who was present during the recordings, "even if all they did was make tea", according to Shields!

The recording of Loveless is rumored to have cost £250,000, a figure that came close to bankrupting the band's record label Creation Records. My Bloody Valentine's relationship with Creation Records deteriorated during the album's recording, and the band was removed from the label due to the difficulty and expense of working with Shields. While the album was not a great commercial success, Loveless was well received by critics.

Read in more detail about the torurous story around this LP here; wiki/Loveless_(album)

Somewhat maligned at the time, but a stone cold classic! Now it is widely regarded as a landmark of the alternative rock genre. The album has been cited by several artists as an influence, and by critics as one of the best albums of the 1990s.

The Irish Times recently published an All-Time Top 40 Irish Albums list and Loveless is at No.1!

1. "Only Shallow" (Bilinda Butcher, Shields) – 4:17
2. "Loomer" (Butcher, Shields) – 2:38
3. "Touched" (Colm Ó Cíosóig) – 0:56
4. "To Here Knows When" (Butcher, Shields) – 5:31
5. "When You Sleep" – 4:11
6. "I Only Said" – 5:34
7. "Come in Alone" – 3:58
8. "Sometimes" – 5:19
9. "Blown a Wish" (Butcher, Shields) – 3:36
10. "What You Want" – 5:33
11. "Soon" – 6:58

My Bloody Valentine - Tremolo EP (1991)

Tremolo is an EP by My Bloody Valentine, released in February 1991 by Creation Records. The title is a reference to the band's heavy usage of guitar tremolo and vibrato to create blurred, dreamlike tones. (Kevin Shields' method of strumming chords while simultaneously bending his guitar's tremolo/ whammy bar was referred to as "glide guitar.")

The lead track, "To Here Knows When", has a longer and more ethereal coda—essentially constituting a separate song—than the version later included on the album Loveless. "Swallow" also has an instrumental coda; "Honey Power" has one with wordless "ooh and ahh" vocalizing by Bilinda Butcher. All three segues/codas feature backwards guitar loops and heavy reverb. In Nov. 1991, Shields commented:

"Tremolo had seven tracks on it, but you're not allowed to do that, so we called it four tracks and didn't name three of them. People just thought they were weird bits!"

The cover art was also used as one of the band's most popular t-shirt designs.

Videos were filmed for the songs "Swallow" and "To Here Knows When" under the direction of Angus Cameron.

1. "To Here Knows When" (plus instrumental coda) – 5:46
2. "Swallow" (plus instrumental coda) – 4:52


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