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Mercury Rev - Snowflake Midnight (September, 2008)

Mercury Rev - Snowflake Midnight (29 September, 2008)
Recorded; Catskill Mountains
Genre; Alternative rock
Label; V2 Records,
Yep Roc Records
Producer; Dave Fridmann, Mercury Rev

We're loving this soon to be released album Snowflake Midnight which has all the quality that has been a hallmark of the Rev's tremendous output in recent times.

Snowflake Midnight is the upcoming seventh studio album from Mercury Rev, set to be released on September 29, 2008 in the UK, and September 30 in the US.

The album's release coincides with tour dates in the UK and Europe, which can be found listed on the band's MySpace page link.

From the band's website:
"On September 29, 2008, MERCURY REV will release their seventh studio album, SNOWFLAKE MIDNIGHT, a set of nine self-luminous and astonishing new songs. Zooming in at any part of SNOWFLAKE MIDNIGHT, at nearly any conceivable magnification, always reveals the forces of symmetry and chaos at play, shimmering, vibrating close-ups and vistas of life driving itself onward, bursting with patterns and mandala-like forms pushed to the brink of incredible pressures then lost in an instant... blown apart by their own majestic desire to share themselves, spirals of new momentum inter-twingling with the vastness of limitless new creation... The entire album sequence appears to be a resplendent fractal, folding in upon itself, into something continually new, unpredictable and spontaneous, and yet, paradoxically at times so subtly self-aware, never failing to resemble itself in the whole... ”
Available on the same day from the band's website is the "companion" album Strange Attractor and this eleven-track album will be given away free as an MP3 download.

Check out www.myspace.com/mercuryrevmusic

The New York Times has called the music of Mercury Rev "a free associative castle in the air, with every detail shimmering." On 'Snowflake Midnight,' (September 30/Yep Roc Records) the group's first proper album in nearly four years, they tear the castle down. Recorded over several months in late 2007/early 2008, and co-produced by David Fridmann and Mercury Rev (who remain Jonathan Donahue, Grasshopper, and Jeff Mercel), the nine new songs on 'Snowflake Midnight' mark a significant conceptual shift for the band. If its last landmark release - 1998's 'Deserter's Songs' - signaled a reinvention, then 'Snowflake Midnight' is a reboot.

In a sense, Mercury Rev had to "unlearn" twenty years of experience to make 'Snowflake.' "We wanted to let go of familiar and comfortable ideas of sound and ways of working," says Mercel. Traditional instruments gave way to vintage and cutting edge electronics. Songs weren't written so much as they evolved. Order was abandoned, and happenstance was embraced, resulting in one of the most fertile creative outpourings in the band's history. Every song included on 'Snowflake' was edited, manipulated and distilled from hours of recorded material.

A similarly painstaking process went into making 'Strange Attractor,' a companion album which will be made available as a free download, also on September 30. This all-instrumental album shares some musical themes with 'Snowflake Midnight' but features eleven exclusive, all-new songs. Fans can go to http://www.mercuryrev.com or http://www.yeproc.com to receive download instructions. 'Strange Attractor' will also accompany the vinyl release of 'Snowflake Midnight.'


1. "Snowflake in a Hot World"
2. "Butterfly's Wings"
3. "Senses on Fire"
4. "People are So Unpredictable (There's No Bliss like Home)"
5. "October Sunshine"
6. "Runaway Raindrop"
7. "Dream of a Young Girl as a Flower"
8. "Faraway for Cars"
9. "A Squirrel and I (Holding On...and Then Letting Go)"

Big thanks to victory and AlienOnAcid

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