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Jack Frost (Grant McLennan & Steve Kilbey) - Live in Boston 1991

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Jack Frost - Live in Boston 1991

(Grant McLennan & Steve Kilbey)

1991/ MP3 @ 224 kbps / 110 mb / RS

There were two great studio collaborations between two of the greats of Aussie music, the late great Grant McLennan ex Go Between, and Steven Kilbey of the Church, under the nomenclature 'Jack Frost'.

And rather excellent they were too. They were the eponymous 'Jack Frost' in 1991 and the great 'Snow Job' from 1995.

You can find both albums here

The divergent songwriting styles and performances of the two top-class artists meshed magically together in their collaborations. The lyrics were of a high calibre also. Both albums are under-rated classics.

We have a very rare find here! A fascinating document of the short 1991 tour by the great Messrs. McLennan & Kilbey. The tour was a series of intimate acoustic shows in smaller clubs across a few major US cities to support the release of their eponymous release 'Jack Frost' in 1991.

The sound quality is good and there's some good banter between the guys and audience here and top performances.

We get most of the Jack Frost album plus, as a special treat for Go Betweeners, we get some of Grant's greatest GB classics, The Wrong Road, Right Here, Was There Anything I Could Do? and Bye Bye Pride.

Of course some Steve Kilbey too, including a great and hilarious solo rendition of the classic Under the Milky Way Tonight !

Steve Kilbey refers to this brief 1991 tour in his blog, see below;

Grant n I wrote and played the whole thing together
a real 50 50 deal if ever there was one
I brought my recording techniques and song strategies
he brought his melodies and lightness
the record is a masterpiece
it did pretty good
arista even released it
and we did a short tour of the states
just acc guitars n little places
grant taught me so much about everything
he was a great guy to be on tour with
I think the audiences liked it
at the same time grant was working on watershed which I heartily recommend

-Steve Kilbey

Every Hour God Sends

You seem a little nervous, just relax
Just give them all your
innocence, you've got stacks
Every hour god sends some wings
Every hour god sends some stones
Now cool out and don't push
Sooner or later they'll give you an ambush
An ambush unexpected, from the blue


  1. Providence
  2. Didn't Know Where I Was
  3. Civil War Lament
  4. Ramble
  5. The Wrong Road
  6. Bye Bye Pride
  7. Thought That I Was over You
  8. Every Hour God Sends
  9. Number Eleven
  10. Everything Takes Forever
  11. Right Here
  12. Was there anything I could do?
  13. Crimson and Clover
  14. Under the Milky Way Tonight

Here she be:

All thanks to Mialee!

Banzai !

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