Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Shit - Some Shit That Ain't Too Shit

Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Art - The Falls

Cult Cuties - La Otra Virginidad

AV Dolls - Juicy Guiliana

Art of the Cover - Ariel Pink's "pom pom" (2014)

Across its 17 tracks and 69 minutes, pom pom is unfiltered Ariel Pink, featuring infectious tales of romance, murder, frog princes and Jell-O!

The record sees the Los Angeles native strike it out alone, returning to the solo moniker he has adopted for well over a decade.


01 – Plastic Raincoats In The Pig Parade
02 – White Freckles
03 – Four Shadows
04 – Lipstick
05 – Not Enough Violence
06 – Put Your Number In My Phone
07 – One Summer Night
08 – Nude Beach A G-Go
09 – Goth Bomb
10 – Dinosaur Carebears
11 – Negativ Ed
12 – Sexual Athletics
13 – Jell-o
14 – Black Ballerina
15 – Picture Me Gone
16 – Exile On Frog Street
17 – Dayzed Inn Daydreams

The Art - Follow

Moving Models - Bolted On

Cosplay Cuties - Ashen Fashion


The Art - Cat's Eyes

Be Your Mirror - Vision of Daniella

The GIF - Introduce yourself to the class

Art of the Cover - J.D. McPherson's "The Warm Covers EP" (2014)

“…pure-and-simple party music, make-out music and get-down-and-shake-it music, harbouring the sort of simple riffs and hooks that easily hop across the decades.”
-- BBC

Lovely artwork adorns this wonderful release.

The Warm Covers - the new four-song digital EP from acclaimed musician, songwriter and performer JD McPherson - is out this week on Rounder Records.

Of the collection, McPherson comments, “Concord acquired the Vee Jay catalog. They asked us if we would like to cover a song and, record nerds that we are,we asked can we actually release a Vee Jay Record with the old Vee Jay Label. This is a Billy Boy Arnold tune - changed it up a bit, but for the most part that’s the song.”

In addition to the digital EP, a special 7” vinyl will be released November 4. The Vee Jay Records 7” features “I Wish You Would” along with a Jimmy Hughes cover, “Steal Away.”

McPherson and his band will embark on a series of special dates, including a show supporting Queens of the Stone Age at Los Angeles’ The Forum.

This new music follows McPherson’s widely praised 2012 debut, Signs and Signifiers, of which the San Francisco Examiner asserted, “An unfettered, Gretsch-echoey exuberance reverberates through the album’s R&B and rockabilly originals…” and Chicago Reader praised, “…plays rock ‘n’ roll and R&B that might as well have been frozen in the 50s and thawed this morning.”

McPherson’s sophomore full-length album will be released in 2015 on Rounder Records.  


1. I Wish You Would (Billy Boy Arnold)

2. Steal Away (Jimmy Hughes)

3. Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day (Nick Lowe)

4. Why Lady Why (Alabama)

The Art - Floored

tuckchaylor:model: Erin - Daily Ladies

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Art - Wallflower

Cosplay Cuties - Blondie

Art of the Cover - Tindersticks "Ypres" (2014)

In late 2011 tindersticks were commissioned by the In Flanders Fields World War One museum in Ypres, Belgium to provide the soundscape for the new permanent exhibition being planned to commemorate the centenary of the Great War and beyond.

Ypres was the epicenter of the Western Front in The Great War and was virtually destroyed by the conflict. It has since been rebuilt to its original plans, finished only relatively recently. The museum is housed in the rebuilt cloth hall that stands in the centre of the town and was once the hub of the towns industry.

Hundreds of thousands died in Ypres and the surrounding area. Allied cemeteries and graves are everywhere. It is overwhelming. Though in keeping with the perspective of the new museum a need to bring the essence of the experience to a personal level felt crucial. To somehow loosen it away from the images we have all become accustomed to.

A deep connection and inspiration for the work was found in the quiet, dignified German memorial garden of Vladslo and Kathe Kollwitz’ famous ‘Grieving parents’ statue that resides there.

The work is an evolving soundtrack to the vistors journey through the exhibition. Its aim was to become the sound of the air within the museum, never to be over bearing. This journey is punctuated by private comtemplative spaces where the score was allowed to become more poetic.

Given that buildings are known to be highly individual, the spaces within them resonating differently, it was felt that the building itself resonated to the key of F. The starting point for the music became a musical cluster of E flat, F and F sharp. Stuart Staples and Dan McKinna worked closely together to compose the work.

Recording the score, with its ever variable bar lengths and being void of vibrato was a tense day, presided over by long time collaborator, orchestra leader: Lucy Wilkins. The orchestral recordings were made at the Church in Crouch End, London and were then taken back to Le Chien Chanceux studio in France to prepare for the installation.

A beautiful bank holiday weekend in May 2012 was spent meticulously building the soundscape for every individual space, for each step through the museum.

This music was never created to be a stereo image as the various components were mixed together in the individual spaces of the exhibition. A second wave of studio work yielded this version.

The music in the museum itself loops seamlessly all day, everyday. It is music without a beginning , middle or end.


01 – Whispering Guns Parts 1, 2 And 3
02 – Ananas Et Poivre
03 – La Guerre Souterraine
04 – Gueules Cass‚es
05 – Sunset Glow
06 – The Third Battle Of Ypres

The Art - Rabbit in the Headlights

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Art - The Eagle Has Landed

Be Your Mirror - Orange Crush

Moving Models -

Anastasia Vinogradova

AV Dolls - Riddle of the Sands

Be Your Mirror - Good Luck

Moving Models - Curvaceous & Corsetted

The Art - The Chandelier

Moving Models - Olga's Eyes

Olga Merkulova

The Art - The Snakecharmer

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