Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Cult Cuties - And Her Name is G ... L ... Ohhhh


Art of the Cover - Hooton Tennis Club's "Highest Point In Cliff Town" (2015)

Highest Point In Cliff Town cover art

“Few recent debuts have felt quite so enjoyable." 
...MOJO - ★★★★

“Top titles and strong hooks on this indie debut."
...Uncut Magazine

 “Best of all, the songs are as good as their titles: 1990's slacker guitar rock played with wit, charm and confidence .”
...The Sunday Times

"The hit rate is impressive: the gently psychedelic Jasper is anthemic, while suburban-recluse groover P.O.W.E.R.F.U.L P.I.E.R.R.E is agreeably perverse.”
...Q Magazine

 "Hooton Tennis Club have produced a debut that's utterly irresistible: a summer soundtrack that makes staring out of the train window significantly less mundane.”
...DIY Magazine - ★★★★ 

Some wonderful cover art here, created by J. Madden.

The inlay photograph is by Nata Moraru - a shot taken out and about in Liverpool one leafy day.

Hooton Tennis Club are Callum, Harry, James and Ryan and they declare .... we are the music makers; we come from far away. 

And, oh yeah,the music's pretty fucking good too!


1. Up In The Air 02:51
2. I'm Not Going Rose's Again 03:24
3. P.O.W.E.R.F.U.L. P.I.E.R.R.E. 02:41
4. Much Quicker Than Anyone But Jennifer Could Ever Imagine 02:27
5. Jasper 03:09
6. Always Coming Back 2 You 04:20
7. Barlow Terrace 01:56
8. Spokes 03:56
9. Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair 02:28
10. Standing Knees 03:35
11. ...And Then Camilla Drew Fourteen Dots On Her Knee 03:58
12. Fall In Luv 02:57

Art of the Cover - Best Coast's "California Nights" (2015)

Although known more for their laid-back, sun-baked, surf pop,  Best Coast's new collection “California Nights” is a decidedly bolder, more scorching beast - highlighted by red-hot, shoegaze-inspired guitars and Bethany Cosentino’s spectral vocals,

Five years on from ‘Crazy for You’, their acclaimed weed-and reverb-drenched surf-punk opus, Best Coast have really come of age.

The dreamy, sun-streaked yearning remains, but the humour that laced Cosentino’s bratty ennui has gone.

California Nights is, instead, full of more sobering concerns – medication, heartbreak, insomnia. Gone too is the plucky, country-dappled sound the duo (completed by guitarist Bobb Bruno) trialled on their 2012 album ‘The Only Place’.

In its place is chunkier, ’90s-style power-pop: turbo drums, crunching guitars and bombastic production from Wally Gagel, whose previous credits include Muse.

 It’s a thing of radiating sunbeams, particularly so on the giddy, shimmering ‘Heaven Sent’.


01. Feeling O.K.
02. Fine Without You
03. Heaven Sent
04. In My Eyes
05. So Unaware
06. When Will I Change
07. Jealousy
08. California Nights
09. Fading Fast
10. Run Through My Head
11. Sleep Won’t Ever Come
12. Wasted Time

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Art - Down By The Lake

Pin Up Pretties - Betty Boo

Art of the Cover - Beirut's "No No No" (2015)

We're saying 'Yes Yes Yes ' to the artwork of  'No No No'!

By the way,  No No No was - apparently - the phrase most used by chicks who dated Bill Cosby back in the day.

Yap, Zach's back baby! ... Zach's back!!

And about fucking time. It's already been four years since Beirut's last opus - the beautiful intimate collection 'The Rip Tide'.

Anyway, a few weeks back, Beirut announced the long wait is over and their fifth album No No No is set to be released on September 11, 2015 (odd fucking choice of date, pal!)

The album was recorded following a period of turmoil in Condon's life, facing a divorce and having been admitted into a hospital in Australia for "exhaustion" following extensive touring.  Thankfully, Zach recovered fully and found a new relationship soon after.

No No No is available for pre-order NOW!

 ... Click the link, little Beirut-aholics!


1. Gibraltar
2. No No No
3. At Once
4. August Holland
5. As Needed
6. Perth
7. Pacheco
8. Fener
9. So Allowed

The Still - A Bad Day In The Office

Voluptuous Vixens - Welcome To Bazookaville

Art of the Cover - Jess Glynne's "I Cry When I Laugh" (2015)

Oxymoron Alert!!! ... Else, simply, Moron Alert!!!

"I Cry When I Laugh"? ... Opposites are the best, aren't they? And always so clever.

... Guess it beats the original title "I Tunnel Towards The Earth's Core Like An Addled Rabbit On Meth When I Fly On Airplanes."

Yap, clearly, another British chick with problems!

It doesn't matter though. Glynne's sporting the well-known "my tossled hair's all wet (else just horribly greasy again) so fuck me NOW before it dries (else becomes, erm, un-greasy)" look, so all's good!

How many shots did it take to get that particular, very unsuggestive, erm ... mouth configuration?


01. Strawberry Fields
02. Gave Me Something
03. Hold My Hand
04. Real Love
05. Ain’t Got Far To Go
06. Take Me Home
07. Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself
08. You Can Find Me
09. Why Me
10. Love Me
11. It Ain’t Right
12. No Rights No Wrongs
13. Saddest Vanilla (Feat.Emeli Sandé)
14. Right Here
15. Home
16. Bad Blood
17. My Love (Acoustic)
18. Not Letting  Go
19. Rather Be  
20. My Love 

Cult Cuties - Bewitched, Bothered & Bewlidered: Meeting Marilyn's Magical Mammaries


The Shot - Room With A View

Art of the Cover - Harry Belafonte/ The Islanders "Caribbean"

Is that a yonic drum you're playing with - or are you just happy to see me?

Yap, this clothes-hating chick was really famous for getting her bongos out!

Here, in the rare collaborative collection Caribbean, Harry Belafonte hosts one side of songs, with The Islanders hosting the other.

Recorded in the early 60s, Caribbean was released on the ‘World Record Club’ label {catalog number T276.}

When the Yankees are Gone
Lie Stone Dead in the Market
The Donkey Song
Tomorrow Man
Mary Walk

Art of the Poster - Andrzej Zulawski's 'La Femme Publique' [The Public Woman] (1984)

Gamer Gals - Curvy Guitar Heroine

"Her cups doth surely runneth over!!"
- Willy The Shake ( 'Ye Olde Playboy Magazine' -1616)

The Video - Gorillaz "Feel Good Inc."

A mellifluous musical moment - and vid - from Damon Albarn and the Blurry Gorillaz collective.

 A song, of course, from their dynamite debut Demon Days.

The Art - She Wears Denim Wherever She Goes

Beach Bunnies - What really knocked me out was her cheap sunglasses

Art of the Cover - Palace's "Lost In The Night" (2014)


Some real nice artwork adorns this lovely release from a band called Palace --- and no, it's not the legendary Palace of Will Oldham aka Bonnie Prince Billy!  (I'm not sure how this crowd are able to use that same name, actually!)

Palace's beautifully presented 'Lost In The Night' EP is available special edition 180g black 12" vinyl. 

The sleeve is a delightful 300gsm matt reverse board, with white inner sleeve. 

Also included is a digital version of their Lost In The Night EP.

Palace are a four piece consisting of close friends Leo Wyndham (Guitar & vocals), Matt Hodges (Drums), Rupert Turner (Guitar) and Will Dory (Bass).

After meeting at school they decided to create an epic sounding band full of grandeur backed with honesty and integrity.

Whilst not a blues band in the traditional sense their blend of blues space rock is undeniably British with bluesy and soulful vintage overtones.

Leo’s sublime voice perfectly compliments the dreamy ambient electric guitars creating a timeless sound, drawing comparisons to early Kings of Leon, Black Keys, Foals and past greats like Buffalo Springfield.

01 – Bitter
02 – I Want What You Got
03 – Ocean Deep
04 – Veins
05 – Lost In The Night

Be Your Mirror - White Heat

Art of the Cover - Yvette Mimieux & Ali Akbar Khan's "Flowers Of Evil" (1968)

Pout Yvette  ... Pout!!!

An interesting concept album of sorts featuring blonde bombshell, Cult Cutie Yvette Mimieux, with no small help from Ali Akbar Khan.

Producer Alan Silver was talking to Life Magazine cover girl and actress Mimieux while both were attending a performance by Khan at the Hollywood Bowl when she admitted to a fantasy of recording a musical interpretation  of Charles Baudelaire's classic "Les Fleurs du Mal". 

According to Nat Hentoff's liner notes, Khan just happened to be in the room ("Yes Mr. Khan, a Miss Mimieux would like to come backstage, would that be alright?... Of course sir, I'll show right her in!") and when asked if he could conceive of participating in such a project, he assured them that with his admiration for the poems - and for Yvette, no doubt! - he would love to get involved!

No one knows exactly what substances Yvette and Ali were partaking in that night!

Yvette narrates the pieces here, over original music composed by Ali Akbar Khan - who also plays sarod and lute. 

Khan also plays sarod and lute, while Pandit Mahapurush Misra plays the tabla. The tamboura player here is, unfortunately, not credited.

Yvette Mimieux had great success in the 1960s as a film actress. While she displayed talent and charisma in films such as Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Time Machine, an album of poetry reading seems a bit perplexing. Is this a supercilious vanity project or spoken word performance? The answer is the latter and a near-masterpiece at that. Yvette Mimieux took translations of Les Fleurs du Mal set to the impeccable classical Indian music of Ali Akhbar Khan, and created a very special album here.

The album begins with "To a Passer-by," where a beautiful widow is admired by the narrator of the poem (Charles Baudelaire) as she passes by in Paris. "Veuve" and "widow" both derives from ancient words for loneliness in several languages such as Latin and Sanskrit. There is a great deal of poetic wonder and admiration here.

The next poem, "A Voyage to Cythera," details a trip in the Mediterranean near the famed island where the beautiful goddess Aphrodite was born. Baudelaire traveled on an aborted trip to Calcutta and passed Cythera, and he also alludes to Journey to the Orient (Peter Owen Modern Classic) but with a more cynical, rather bitter-sweet attitude.

The poem "Murdered Woman" reflects on a recently deceased woman like a martyr to an irresistible seductress and indelible muse of passion and love. This is a darkly romantic poem, which was surprisingly not one of the ones censored by French authorities in the 1850s.

The poem "The Albatross" is the best of the album. It details the large and powerful bird, which was often abused and mocked by cruel and bored sailors who failed to respect the wonder of this magnificent beast. The allegorical relationship between the tormented albatross and the poet is perfect and Baudelaire has a tender sympathy for the oppressed in the world whose wings are clipped by the vicious and powerful. Mimieux's performanc