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The Shit - Some Shit That Ain't Too Shit

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Art of the Mag - Awaken from a slumber

The Word - Faint Glimmers

“You see, there are still faint glimmers of civilization left in this barbaric slaughterhouse that was once known as humanity. Indeed that’s what we provide in our own modest, humble, insignificant … oh, fuck it!”

- Monsieur Gustave H 
 Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

The Art - Catfight

Art of the Cover - Shimmering Stars' ‘Bedrooms of the Nation’ (2014)


Bedrooms of the Nation, the second full-length album from Vancouver’s Shimmering Stars.

Lying at the intersection of timeless pop, experimental soundscapes and punk sensibilities, Bedrooms of the Nation will be released digitally on August 13th in Canada and will be released on Almost Musique in Europe.

Exploring themes of social breakdown, anomie, dislocation, and the aspiration to find meaning in a culture of violent individualism; the album can be at times disarmingly bleak, but leaves room for optimism, particularly in closing number “I Found Love.”

The LP was recorded by the band at the Garage Mahal in Kamloops, mixed by legendary Vancouver engineer Colin Stewart, and mastered by Dan Emery at Black Matter Mastering in Nashville, TN. 

Since the release of their first full length album, Violent Hearts in 2011, the band has received rave reviews from the likes of MOJO, NME and Pitchfork. 

Their debut led them to France, Belgium and England, as well as SXSW and a number of other Canadian festivals. Leading up to the new album, Shimmering Stars also released a split single, “His Clancyness via Splendour” and the “Ghosts Past” EP via Almost Musique.

You Were There
If You Love Me Let Me Go
Defective Heart/Dreams
Shadow Visions
Role Confusion
First Time I Saw You
Ego Identity
I Found Love

The Cheerios - Bunch of C's

The Art - Windows

Monday, 2 February 2015

The Shot - Beached

The Video - Sylvan Esso's "Coffee"

I know my rose will dry upon the skin, just like a name I remember hearing

A beautiful track from the eponymous debut studio album by American electronic' indie folk supergroup Sylvan Esso.

The band consists of singer Amelia Meath (of Mountain Man) and producer Nick Sanborn (of Megafaun).

"Coffee"  - the follow up to the critically acclaimed Hey Mami/Play it Right which dropped last year - is the lead single for the Sylvan Esso album

The  Sylvan Esso album has rightly garnered wonderful reviews from critics with, for example, Stereogum calling it "a breezy, joyous piece of work" and selecting it as Album of the Week.

The minimalist, melodic, melancholy-tinged, yet uplifting "Coffee", was composed by Meath and Sanborn along with Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich.

A song of love, longing and loss, where an evocative, stream of consciousness, staccato lyric is wrapped in sumptuous melodies and beats to create a  magical melange.

Amelia's sweet yet powerful voice is up front and center while Sanborn, who plays bass in the genre-destroying Megafaun, creates layers of intricate, pulsing grooves for her voice to inhabit.

Like coffee, all so sumptuous and so fucking addictive!

“Coffee” is tasty enough on it’s own, but the accompanying music unitard-tasic  video makes the song even more delicious. 

Band members Meath and Sanborn star in the Dan Huiting-directed video, which is filled with scenes of communal dancing in rural North Carolina. 

Set in slow-motion, the video mirrors the melodic melancholy that “Coffee” exudes. 

Nestled amongst the dancing scenes is a series of stark shots depicting the dreary aftermath of a college rager. The focus quickly turns back to a full-out contra dance processional, which features Meath’s sly moves. 

Feast your eyes on the video for “Coffee” and “get up, get down -- feel the general attention”!!

Art of the Poster - Silvio Amadio's "Amuck" { aka 'Alla Ricerca Del Piacere'} (1972)

The Shot - Akari's Eyes

The Word - Twin Peaks

Those are ''Playboy'' tits. I haven't seen ''Playboy'' tits anywhere except ''Playboy''.

-- from Sean Cunningham's "Spring Break" (1983)

The Art - Echo Beach, Far Away In Time

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The Selfy - Oh, oh, oh, Carrie, Carrie, oh

The Shot - Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

Art of the Cover - Nick Drake's "A Day Gone By" (2014)


This wonderful extensive collection of Nick Drake rarities has just been released.

The massive collection features mostly other people’s compositions: the folk and blues tunes used by many a young guitarist in the 60s, attempting to master the fretboard. Nick Drake played Jackson C. Frank, Bert Jansch, Dave Van Ronk and, of course, Bob Dylan.

Drake's version of Dylan's song "Tomorrow Is A Long Time" is included here.

The lo-fi recordings on this collection were homemade on a reel-to-reel tape recorder prior to making his debut album "Five Leaves Left" in 1969.

Drake's estate - managed by Gabrielle drake and Cally Callomon have put together this collection to stop the proliferation of poor quality bootlegs that have been in abundance since Drake's Death in 1974.



01 – Strolling Down The Highway
02 – Cocaine Blues
03 – Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright
04 – Betty and Dupree
05 – Get Together
06 – Here Come The Blues
07 – Come In to The Garden
08 – Summertime
09 – Joey
10 – Strange Meeting II
11 – Milk and Honey
12 – Tomorrow is A Long Time
13 – Courting Blues
14 – Black Mountain Blues
15 – Morning Monologue
16 – Saturday Sun I
17 – Mayfair III
18 – Fly I
19 – Hazey Jane I
20 – Place To Be
21 – Parasite II
22 – Three Hours
23 – Day Is Done
24 – Time Of No reply
25 – Three Hours


01 – Magic
02 – The Thoughts of Mary Jane
03 – Day is Done
04 – Time Has Told Me
05 – Saturday Sun I
06 – River Man
07 – Joey II
08 – Saturday Sun II
09 – Saturday Sun III
10 – Mayfair I
11 – Mayfair II
12 – Fly II
13 – Parasite I
14 – Joey (fragment)
15 – Guitar Instrumental (No. 1 – Guitar)
16 – Poor Boy
17 – Time Has Told Me
18 – Voices
19 – Sketch II – Guitar
20 – Sketch IV – Piano
21 – Sketch V – Guitar
22 – Sketch VI – Piano
23 – Sketch VII – Piano
24 – Hanging On A Star
25 – Rider On The Wheel
26 – Black Eyed Dog
27 – Tow The Line
28 – I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again
29 – Full fathom Five
30 – With My Swag All On My Shoulder
31 – The Commissioner, He Come
32 – Dark and Devil Waters

Cult Cutie Colleen Camp does Grass

Cult Cuties - Fore!: Bodacious Birdie

Art of the Cover - Honor Blackman's "Everything I've Got" (1964)

An interesting shot of Honor adorns this one.

Ahhh .. the good life! Rolls Royces, private jets, fur, cocktails and deckchairs!

Everything I've Got ... geddit!

Anyway, after her appearance in Goldfinger, Honor Blackman recorded this - her only full album of songs, entitled Everything I've Got.

Honor had earlier recorded the novelty UK single  Kinky Boots with Patrick Macnee of  The Avengers.

The francophile Everything I've Got is an eclectic collection of covers of songs written by the likes of Anna Sosenko, Sacha Distel, Jerome Kern, Charles Aznavour, Rodgers & Hart and Lennon & McCartney.

Blackman achieved fame playing  sexy, leather-clad, Cathy Gale in the seminal UK TV series The Avengers.

She is probably best known for portraying Bond girl Pussy Galore in Goldfinger


A1 Everything I've Got

A2 Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup

A3 Men Will Deceive You

A4 I Wish I Never Loved You

A5 Den of Iniquity

A6 World Without Love

B1 Remind Me

B2 To Keep My Love Alive

B3 C'est drôle

B4 I Wouldn't Walk Across the Street

B5 Tomorrow Is My Turn

B6 I Want a Fair and Square Man

The Still - Queen's Gambit

The Art - Purple Reign

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