Saturday, 23 May 2015

The Video - Rhye's "Open"

I'm a fool for that sound in your sighs


The beautiful sensuous video for the luscious love song Open, from enigmatic LA duo Rhye.

Oh .. and there's a hot as hell, redhead in there!

This, the band's first single, appeared on their acclaimed debut album, Woman, released last year.

Although they had previously released a quite naughty video for this single some time earlier, this second version, which follows a couple’s romantic beach house getaway, features less nudity (sob! sob!), more longing sentiment and a reference to the duo’s video for another song (yap, that's meta motherfucker!)

This, Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen-directed version connects to their video for “The Fall,” in that the themes are the same: love is complicated, doubts are ever-present, it’s hard to stay open, the gnawing feeling of knowing something’s off. It’s not just a thematic thread, either:

The troubled older couple from “The Fall” make a cameo near the end of this video about a younger couple setting up for the same, full-circle.

Says Rhye: If you can’t stay open you’re bound to take the fall. Or maybe something not quite so literal. Or maybe that’s exactly what it is. Either way, that is good advice.

And either way, this video and song are great.

It’s mildly NSFW.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Mojo Working - These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

Moving Models - Curvaceous & Corsetted

Art of the Poster - Frank Whaley's "Like Sunday, Like Rain" (2014)

Art of the Cover - Spoon's "Gimme Fiction" (2005)

The Beast And Dragon, Adored 4:18
The Two Sides Of Monsieur Valentine 2:58
I Turn My Camera On 3:32
My Mathematical Mind 5:02
The Delicate Place 3:42
Sister Jack 3:35
I Summon You 3:55
The Infinite Pet 3:56
Was It You? 5:02
They Never Got You 4:59
Merchants Of Soul 2:49

The Shot - On Ice

The Selfie - Scarlet Lady

The Art - Purrfect

Art of the Cover - Candy Dulfer's "Funked Up! "

Home Art Babes Cartoons Dylan Music Videos Other

The Shot - Tangled Up In Blue

Cocolo Japanese AV Idol Busty Pictures

The Art - The Snakecharmer

Art of the Vintage Mag - Look!: Anne & The Twins

Awesome Annie - modelling for Catalina swimwear - was featured in some high-tech, reinforced, cone-tastic bathing suit on the cover of Look magazine back on January 30th of 19 and 40.

The Art - Sweetheart of the Rodeo

The Word - Footless

My wife complained that her feet hurt. I said: “You’ve got your shoes on the wrong feet.” 
She said: “But these are the only feet I’ve got.”
..... Boom! Boom! 
-- Tommy Cooper

The Art - Heatwave

Art of the Mag - Curvaceous Covergirl Charlie Church

The Shot - Hush!

Movig Models - Bright Eyes

Cosplay Cuties - Call Her Mellow Yellow

The Tee - Blue Screen Of Life

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