Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Art of the Cover - Sade's "Promise" (1984)

Granted, it’s quite hard for a photographer to take a bad photo of someone as super sumptuous as Sade Adu, a former model. But this shot's extra special, somehow managing to capture the essence of her music’s - that odd and delightful tantalising combination of twilit warmth and definite distance.

Sade looks cautious here, keeping arms around herself so as not to let you in. At the same time though, there's hope that you might have the chance to unravel some of those fascinating secrets.

The Set - A Little Monkey Business

Linda Harrison with Kim Hunter on the set of Planet of the Apes (1968)

The Art - On Board

Art of the Poster - Hou Hsiao-hsien's "The Assassin" (2015)


Cult Cuties - Haji Cats Eyes


Art of the Cover - Etta James "The Sweetest Peaches, Part 2 (1967-1975)"

Art of the Book - Christopher Wood aka Timothy Lea "Confessions of a Driving Instructor"

The Art - Plus bleu que le bleu de tes yeux

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Art of the Cover - Ennio Morricone's "Le Foto Proibite Di Una Signora Per Bene" (1970)

This great soundtrack has been re-mastered and re-released by Dagored Records.

Yap, it's the maestro Ennio Morricone and his muscic to the obscure 1970 Italian thriller Le foto proibite di una signora per bene.

A nerve-racking listening experience!

In the film, the atmosphere created by the effect of a disturbing soundtrack causes much of the tension. Much of the score has a very sinister ambience, highlighted by Morricone's sublime use of the human voice.

Italian soprano Edda Dell'Orso's cascading vocal tones mix unsettlingly with the stabbing Morricone strings, befitting the movie's Hitchcockian moments.


The Eyes Have It - Olivia's Gaze

Moments In Time - Sleepless In Seattle (1993)

Kurt and pals, chlling at a corner, clearly having a whale of a time during a visit back in their home town in the summer of 1993.

This was shot at the height of Nirvana’s post-Nevermind fame and noteriety.

The passersbys could care less though!

Photo by Renaud Monfourny.

AV Dolls - Swanning Around

The Video - Magic Potion's "Booored" "

Woooooeeeyyyyy .... yeah, it's "Booored" from Magic Potion!

Magic Potion's fine debut EP  "Melt" dropped just a few months back.

Monday, 15 February 2016

The Shot - Black Eyes

Art of the Poster - Tetsuya Nakashima's "The World of Kanako" (2014)

The Art - Yūrei

Art of the Cover - UNKLE's 'Where Did The Night Fall' (2010)

Amazing art by Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones of WN Studio for UNKLE's 'Where Did The Night Fall' (2010).

The fifth studio album by the British Electronic act sees the musical mastermind of the group, James Lavelle, team up with a whole range of talented guest collaborators, (from former Screaming Trees front man Mark Lanegan to The Black Angels to Clayhill vocalist Gavin Clark) to create a sonically dense record that encompasses musical styles as diverse as Psychedelic Rock and Minimal House. 

The album includes the singles 'Natural Selection' and 'Heavy Drug'.

1. Nowhere
2. Follow Me Down
3. Natural Selection
4. Joy Factor
5. The Answer
6. On A Wire
7. Falling Stars
8. Heavy Drug
9. Caged Bird
10. Ablivion
11. The Runaway
12. Ever Rest
13. The Healing
14. Another Night Out

More of the artwork - a tad NSFW - after the break .. 

The Still - To Have And To Hold

Antonella Rios has moment as femme fatale Gracia in Andres Waissbluth's "Los Debutantes" (2003)

Cult Cuties - Get On Yer Boots Anouska

Kiwi cutie Anouska Hempel shows off her  plush chair - oh, and also her black knee length, ho boots and tiny mini skirt - back in 1969.

Art of the Cover - Etsuko Shihomi's 'So Long'

Art of the Poster - Joseph Tosconi's "Addicted to Sexting" (2015)

Art of Gravure - O Sole Mio