Sunday, 14 August 2016

The Word - Ridiculousness

"When you've got a bosom like mine, there's a very narrow margin between being sexy and ridiculous." 
-- Madeline Smith

Saturday, 13 August 2016

The Music - The Mighty Diamonds' "Danger In Your Eyes"

or maybe you're just lonely ...

A mighty moment from The Mighty Diamonds - a neglected nugget from the mighty Trojan Records catalogue.

Yap, it's the supendous version of "Danger In Your Eyes", released by the boys back in 1978 via Gussie Roots Sounds.

The song was written by two Jamaican music greats - Tyrone Evans along with the more widely known John Holt.
Production here was helmed by the legendary Gussie Clarke.

Dig that fucking horn!

Art of the Advert - Beach Bunny Hawks Some Needless Nonsense


The Art - Osaka Afternoon


Maria Ozawa

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Hot Popper - Splitsville

The demure Nicks, backstage before a show, in the mid '70s -- again devoting time to concocting a new sexual position.

The Word - And fiddles every noon

A fiddler on the roof, a most unlikely sight; it might not mean a thing - but then again it might!
- “Fiddler on the Roof” by Bock and Harnick

The Art - Heart Shaped Box

Moments In Time - Tears Of A Clown: 'Bobo' Dylan Hits Montreal (1975)

"In that period of time, I took 13,750 photographs. Every night, Bob and I after the show or a party would sit down and he would go through all the contact sheets and when we were finished, we'd have to project the color, and he'd say yay-nay. We had no signed contract, this was just a handshake. That's what we did every single day."

- Photographer Ken Regan

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Pin Up Pretties - Down By The Boardwalk


Art of the Cover - Greg Laswell's "Everyone Thinks I Dodged A Bullet" (2016)

Greg Laswell – Everyone Thinks I Dodged A Bullet (2016) [MP3]


01. Dodged A Bullet 03:27
02. Lifetime Ago 03:40
03. Out Of Line 03:50
04. And So I Tried To Sleep 03:32
05. Watch You Burn 04:26
06. Not The Same Man 03:58
07. Birthday Wish 05:25
08. Take It Easy 04:58
09. Play That One Again 04:10
10. Not Surprised 03:56

Art of the Poster - Andres Waissbluth's "Los Debutantes" (2003)

Gracias Gracia

Cult Cuties - Bombshell Rock

Sunday, 7 August 2016

The Word - Princess On The Steeple

You've gone to the finest school alright Miss Lonely, but you know you only used to get juiced in it. And nobody has ever taught you how to live on the street and now you find out you're gonna have to get used to it. You said you'd never compromise with the mystery tramp, but now you realise he's not selling any alibis as you stare into the vacuum of his eyes and say "do you want to make a deal?" How does it feel to be on your own, with no direction home?

The Music - Elvis Costello does MTV Unplugged {Full Show} (1991)

File:1991-06-03 MTV Unplugged 01.jpg

the pretty clothes are scattered round the room, and it's so like Candy ....

A great piece here where Hippy Elvis Costello and The Rude 5 perform on MTV Unplugged back in June 1991..

Surprisingly, Elv's scruffy beard and gay pony-tailed, unwashed, crusty look here didn''t last long!

And this is the full show!

Some great music here but only five of the songs here made it to the broadcast version!

The douches at MTV, apparently, didn't want to air a bunch of songs from their then-unreleased wonderful covers album, Kojak Variety

Hippy Elvis begins with a fragment of "Home Is Anywhere You Hang Your Head" and then blasts out "Deep Dark Truthful Mirror", "So Like Candy / I Want You", "The Other Side Of Summer", "Must You Throw Dirt In My Face", "Hidden Charms", "Everybody's Crying Mercy", "Hurry Down Doomsday (The Bugs Are Taking Over)", "Couldn't Call It Unexpected No. 4" and "Bama Lama Bama Loo."


01. Home Is Anywhere You Hang Your Head (incomplete)
02. Deep Dark Truthful Mirror 
03. So Like Candy / I Want You (broadcast)
04. The Other Side Of Summer (broadcast)
05. Must You Throw Dirt In My Face
06. Hidden Charms
07. Everybody's Crying Mercy
08. Hurry Down Doomsday {The Bugs Are Taking Over} (broadcast)
09. Couldn't Call It Unexpected No. 4
10. Bama Lama Bama Loo (broadcast)


Elvis Costello
The Rude 5 ....
Marc Ribot - lead guitar
Jerry Scheff - bass
Larry Knechtel - keyboards
Pete Thomas - drums

Saturday, 6 August 2016

The Eyes Have It - Sister Hoods

Vintage Vixens - The Curvy Cookout Cook


A great day for a cookout!

A surprisingly over-dressed Jeanne Carmen knocks up Sunday dinner back in the 1950s.

Art of the Cover - Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem's "The Girls Won't Leave The Boys Alone" (1968)

they knock at the door and they ring at the bell saying "oh my true love, are you well?" 

A quartet of sweater-clad (very fetching!), late-sixties crazy Irish proto-feminists / groupies / nymphomaniacs prepare to descend upon poor Tommy and the boys!

Down girls! .. DOWN!!!!


A1 The Beggarman
A2 Kitty Magee
A3 Whack Fol The Diddle
A4 The Jug Of Punch
A5 The Parting Glass
A6 Rosin The Bow
B1 Paddy Doyle's Boots
B2 The Risin' Of The Moon
B3 Connemara Cradle Song
B4 The Moonshiner
B5 Whisky You're The Devil
B6 The Foggy Dew

AV Dolls - A Room With A View

Chanel Preston

The Set - Meeting The Twin's Twins


Richard Benjamin has his hands full with pulchritudinous twins Patricia and Cyb Barnstable on the set of Buck Henry's short-lived Sci-Fi comedy series Quark (1978).

Friday, 5 August 2016