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The Shit - Some Shit That Ain't Too Shit

Monday, 1 September 2014

Art of the Poster - Francis Ford Coppola's "Apocalypse Now" (1979)

Art of the Cover - Marshall McLuhan's "The Medium Is the Massage"

Less an "album" than a proto-mixtape, the LP version of communications theorist Marshall McLuhan's million-selling book The Medium is the Massage is a strange, literally and figuratively loopy attempt at putting his ideas into audio form. 
Made by taking a razor to hundreds of yards of reel-to-reel tape, spliced and overdubbed together in chaotic permutations, the album features snatches of everything from Homeric recitations to chirping birds to moddish jazz to McLuhan himself, reading book excerpts "straight" while a cacophony of sound blender-whirls around him. 
It's a feat of analog-era editing but also a stunningly prescient sonic prediction of the coming "noise" of the information age, where the austere, professorial voice of authority must contend with a constant barrage of old and new media intruding. 

Cult Cuties - Reds

Art of the Cover - Diana Dors' "Swingin Dors"


A stunning shot of delectable, double-D doll Diana Dors, poured into the tightest dress in the world, adorns this great collection!

Fondly remembered as Britain's best-loved blondebombshell and as synonymous with 50s' glamour as a pink Cadillac, one-time Rank starlet Diana Dors was more than just a buxom pin-up. 

With an astonishing ability to reinvent herself and move with the times, post-Hollywood, the 60s and 70s saw Dors develop into one of the UK's most respected character actresses, with gritty stage and TV roles.

She also had a chat show, wrote several books and even had a spell as a GMTV agony aunt under her belt.

This album - recorded for Pye at the height of her cabaret and TV show popularity - reveals that she was also a gifted vocalist and worthy of the admiration she enjoyed throughout her career.

Featuring delightful instrumentation from Wally Stott & His Orchestra, this album was originally released in 1960.

The collection was wonderfully remastered in 2007.


1. The Point Of No Return
2. Thats How It Is
3. Let There Be Love
4. Namely You
5. Imagination
6. Roller Coaster Blues
7. The Gentleman Is A Dope
8. April Heart
9. I'm In Love For The Very First Time
10. Crazy He Calls Me
11. Come By Sunday
12. Tired Of Love

Art of AV - With The Girls

Moving Models - Daniella, be my Cinderella

Art of the Poster - Juraj Herz's "Morgiana" (1971)

It's the ambitious and wonderful - albeit flawed - Morigana. A visual marvel of baroque excess. The 'last' film of the Czech New Wave.

The Still - To The Gallery

from Leos Carax' Gradiva (2014)

Cult Cuties - Chaise Longue

Art of the Book - Milan Kundera's "The Unbearable Lightness of Being"

The Art - On The Wall

The Art - Snow Queen

Art of the Cover - Lush's "Gala" (1990)

Gorgeous artwork.

And some lovely Lushy music here from Miki and the gang.

A Cocteau Twins-tastic collection!

Evocative, atmospheric, esoteric, terrific!

Gala was the debut album by Lush, which and released in the US on November 13, 1990. 

The album was released as an introduction to the US and Japanese markets.  

The collection comprised the band's first three EPs plus two new tracks.

The compilation was also released by 4AD in the UK.


1. "Sweetness and Light" Anderson 5:19
2. "Sunbathing" Anderson 3:09
3. "Breeze" Anderson, Berenyi 2:48
4. "De-Luxe" Anderson 3:31
5. "Leaves Me Cold" Berenyi 2:56
6. "Downer" Anderson 2:41
7. "Thoughtforms" (Second Version) Anderson 2:45
8. "Baby Talk" Berenyi 2:18
9. "Thoughtforms" (Original Version) Anderson 2:45
10. "Scarlet" (Original Version) Anderson, Berenyi 3:27
11. "Bitter" Berenyi 2:02
12. "Second Sight" Berenyi 2:40
13. "Etheriel" Anderson, Berenyi 3:25
14. "Hey Hey Helen" Andersson, Ulvaeus 2:29
15. "Scarlet" (Longer Version) Anderson, Berenyi 3:55


The EPs and tracks that make up the album are:

Sweetness and Light EP
Tracks 1, 2, and 3: released 15 October 1990
Produced by Tim Friese-Greene
Engineered by Ed Buller
Recorded at The Greenhouse, London, and mixed at Wessex Sound Studios, London, August 1990
Mad Love EP
Tracks 4, 5, 6, and 7: released 26 February 1990
Produced by Robin Guthrie
Engineered by Lincoln Fong and Robin Guthrie
Recorded at September Sound and The Church Studio, London, December 1989
Scar mini-album
Tracks 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13: released 9 October 1989
Produced by Lush and John Fryer
Engineered by John Fryer
Recorded at Blackwing Studios, London, July 1989"
Hey Hey Helen"
Track 14: previously unreleased
Produced by Robin Guthrie
Engineered by Guy Fixsen and Robin Guthrie
Recorded at First Protocol and September Sound, London, February 1990"
Scarlet" (Longer Version)
Track 15: previously released as part of Gigantic! 2, a CD available via Melody Maker newspaper, April 1990
Produced and engineered by Robin Guthrie
Recorded at September Sound, London, April 1990

Art of the Cover - First Aid Kit's "Drunken Trees" (2008)

Lovely artwork adorns this early release from the Söderberg sisters from Sweden - aka First Aid Kit.

Artwork was by Johanna Söderberg and Klara Söderberg.


A1 Little Moon 3:53
A2 You're Not Coming Home Tonight 2:29
A3 Tangerine 3:13
A4 Jagadamba, You Might 3:45
B5 Our Own Pretty Ways 3:28
B6 Pervigilo 5:33
B7 Cross Oceans 2:49
B8 Tiger Mountain Peasant Song 3:03

Art of the Cover - Hüsker Dü's "Zen Arcade" (1984)

Great adorns this incredible double album from seminal midwestern punksters Grant Hart, Bob Mould and Greg Norton ... aka  Hüsker Dü'.

Real nice cover photography, indeed. One embellished in a "hand coloured" style, that transforms a rather grim and very mundane scene from a junkyard into a thing of beauty!

Along with bands like the Minutemen and Black Flag (all intelligent, aggressive bands with talent to spare), this great group (and this great album) really made its mark on the rather bleak bland music landscape of the Eighties.

Originally released as a double album on two vinyl LPs, the quasi concept album Zen Arcade tells the story of a young boy who runs away from an unfulfilling home life, only to find the world outside is even worse.

The innovative album really breaks the mould (no pun!) in this genre, incorporating elements of jazz, psychedelia, acoustic folk, pop, and piano interludes - all concepts previously unheard of in the world of hardcore punk.

The most amazing thing about the album is that with the exception of a few songs, everything on here was "first take".

One of the band's greatest tracks "I'll Never Forget You" is here in all its gut-wrenching emotional glory.

Although some find this album abrasive on first listen, repeated sessions reveal the inner workings and interplay of the music and the players.

While not commercially successful, the influence of Zen Arcade has stretched beyond the underground music sphere, and it is frequently included on lists of the all-time best rock and roll albums and continues to have a cult following.


Zen Arcade was released on Double LP, single single CD and Cassette.


Side one

01.Something I Learned Today
02.Broken Home, Broken Heart
03.Never Talking To You Again
04.Chartered Trips
05.Dreams Recurring
06.Indecision Time
07.Hare Krsna

Side two
08.Beyond The Threshold
10.I'll Never Forget You
11.The Biggest Lie
12.What's Going On
13.Masochism World
14.Standing By The Sea 
Side three
16.One Step At A Time
17.Pink Turns To Blue
18.Newest Industry
19.Monday Will Never Be The Same
21.The Tooth Fairy And The Princess 

Side four
22.Turn On The News
23.Recurring Dreams 

The Art - Princess Diana

The Word - The Turn On

Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Art - The Hard Shoulder

Cosplay Cuties - Black Widow

AV Dolls - La Vie en Rose


Pinay Pretties - Back In Black

Pinay Pretties - Life's A Beach

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