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The Shit - Some Shit That Ain't Too Shit

Monday, 1 December 2014

The Art - Enmeshed

Me, shot by Brian Sullivan in SF

oh yeah PS I’m in NYC right now YEAH

by Brian Sullivan

Art of the Book - Chris Stein's "Negative: Me, Blondie, and the Advent of Punk" (2014)

On the occasion of Blondie’s fortieth anniversary, Chris Stein shares his iconic and mostly unpublished photographs of Debbie Harry and the cool creatures of the ’70s and ’80s New York rock scene.

While a student at the School of Visual Arts, Chris Stein photographed the downtown New York scene of the early ’70s, where he met Deborah Harry and cofounded Blondie. Their blend of punk, dance, and hip-hop spawned a totally new sound, and Stein’s photographs helped establish Harry as an international fashion and music icon.

In photos and stories direct from Stein, brilliant writer of hits like "Rapture" and "Heart of Glass," this book provides a fascinating snapshot of the period before and during Blondie’s huge rise, by someone who was part of and who helped to shape the early punk music scene - at CBGB, Andy Warhol’s Factory, and early Bowery.

Stars such as David Bowie, the Ramones, Joan Jett, and Iggy Pop were part of Stein’s world, as were fascinating downtown characters like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Richard Hell, Stephen Sprouse, Anya Phillips, Divine, and many others.

As captured by one of its greatest artists and instigators, and designed by Shepard Fairey, this book is a must-have celebration of the new-wave and punk scene, whose influence on music and fashion is just as relevant today as it was four decades ago.

An awesome book from an artist in the full sense of the word. Unlike other books in the same genre, Chris Stein gets to the essence of his surroundings and people he comes in contact with. Obviously, Debbie Harry is the main model and why not; it is her persona that gave Blondie its fame with her looks and voice. Being a famous celebrity does open doors that are not accessible to regular people and his pictures make you share his perspective about art and music. 
The title is perfect: the negative. That is exactly what he does in his compositions, for example; the one with Jennifer of the group the Nuns. Half the picture is a rock sculpture of some kind and it adds to the personality of the person. Stein captures the everydayness of his existence, and oh Lord, it is interesting! He writes the same way no need to add his philosophies just glimpses of his thoughts and Debbie's as well. Another one is Eric Emerson and girls from the band Teenage Lust backstage. It looks like a painting - like one of Degas' wonderfully composed ballerina portraits. 
Worth every penny!
by Gavifrancoise  

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The Shot - It started in the kitchen


The Selfie - Demure

Cinema Sweethearts - Wilde At Heart

The Art - Draped

The Video - Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot's "Bonnie & Clyde"

A wonderful promo clip from '68 - a proto video made decades before the word "music video" was concocted!

It's the delicious, timeless, sumptuous "Bonnie & Clyde" performed by the genius Serge Gainsbourg and the stunning BB!

The song, of course, tells the tale of the infamous outlaw couple Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.

The lyrics are actually based on a poem entitled "The Trail's End", written by Parker herself a few weeks before she and Clyde were shot by the cops on May 23, 1934.

"Bonnie & Clyde" was released on two albums in 1968: Gainsbourg's seminal album "Initials B.B.," and Gainsbourg and Bardot's album "Bonnie and Clyde."

Art of the Mag - Curvaceous Covergirl Charlie Church

Friday, 21 November 2014

The Art - Heatwave

The Video - Rhye's "Open"

I'm a fool for that sound in your sighs


The beautiful sensuous video for the luscious love song Open, from enigmatic LA duo Rhye.

Oh .. and there's a hot as hell, redhead in there!

This, the band's first single, appeared on their acclaimed debut album, Woman, released last year.

Although they had previously released a quite naughty video for this single some time earlier, this second version, which follows a couple’s romantic beach house getaway, features less nudity (sob! sob!), more longing sentiment and a reference to the duo’s video for another song (yap, that's meta motherfucker!)

This, Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen-directed version connects to their video for “The Fall,” in that the themes are the same: love is complicated, doubts are ever-present, it’s hard to stay open, the gnawing feeling of knowing something’s off. It’s not just a thematic thread, either:

The troubled older couple from “The Fall” make a cameo near the end of this video about a younger couple setting up for the same, full-circle.

Says Rhye: If you can’t stay open you’re bound to take the fall. Or maybe something not quite so literal. Or maybe that’s exactly what it is. Either way, that is good advice.

And either way, this video and song are great.

It’s mildly NSFW.

Burlesque Beauties - Yvette's Lucky Parrot

Burlesque dancer Yvette Dare chills on a dead cheetah, back in the 1940’s.

She had her parrot trained to disrobe her.

Best Job Ever!

Art of the Mag - Biker Babe Dannie Diesel Does Pin Up

The Word - Bad Blonde


“I went out with every big male star in town. They wanted my body and I needed their names for success. There was my picture on the front pages of every paper in the country… Today I live in a rat infested apartment with not a bean to my name and I drink too much Rose wine. … Does it all sound depressing to you? Queasy? Well, I’m not ashamed.” 

- from "I Am Not Ashamed" by Barbara Payton.

From one of the great “lost” autobiographies of Hollywood Babylon history, I Am Not Ashamed from 1963.

Yap, when it comes to train wrecks, few hold a candle to the ravishing, and later ravaged, Barbara Payton.

A gorgeous, sexy, pouty-lipped blonde who starred alongside James Cagney in Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye and Lloyd Bridges in the classic noir Trapped, her real life was not only stranger, but more dramatic and seamier than any fiction she starred in. 

Affairs with actors to producers to shrinks to pimps; violent, troubled marriages to Tom Neal (star of the seminal sleazy noir Detour who later served time for offing his third wife) and Franchot Tone (whom Neal memorably brawled with); a notorious incident with Lana Turner and Ava Gardner during which an enraged Frank Sinatra walked in  .... shoplifting, prostitution (she was arrested for hooking, in a bar on Sunset Boulevard) and loads of drinking - the gal did it all .. and then some!

Years of hard drinking and hard living ultimately destroyed her both physically and emotionally, leaving her dead from heart and liver failure, in May, 1967. She was only 39.

Barbara Payton in Bad Blonde (1953)

The Art - Strawberry Bubblegum

Art of the Poster - Brad Grinter's "Blood Freak" (1972)

Be Your Mirror - Say Cheese

The Shot - On Sizzling Sands

Cult Cuties - Debbie Rocks Vest

Corset Cuties - Taylor Vixen does Elvira

Cosplay Cuties - Little Bo Peeping Out

Moments In Time - Mick Marries Miss Macias (1971)


Mick, I think I forgot to wear a bra .... I hope it isn't too obvious!

The snappily-titled, wild Latina, Bianca Pérez-Mora Macias marries Michael Jagger on May 12, 1971, clearly in the most formal of settings (just look at the louche denim clad guy behind, puffing away on a smoke and holding onto his belt in an attempt to remain upright!)

Although adopting the traditional practice at such occasions of wearing white (to symbolise virginity - although she was four months pregnant with their daughter, Jade Jagger!), Pérez-Mora Macias seemingly forgot to adopt the traditional practice of wearing a bra!

Art of the Poster - Liliana Cavani's "Il Portiere Di Notte" [aka 'The Night Porter'] (1974)

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