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The Shit - Some Shit That Ain't Too Shit

Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Music - Andy Kershaw Interview's Bob Dylan (1985)

Opening with the vile vid for Empire Burlesque's "When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky" (a thing somehow containing Feargal Sharkey ... wtff!!), here's a bizarre (though sadly brief) piece from the 26 November 1985 edition of the much missed "Whistle Test" music show on the Beeb.

Yap, Bob's first television 'interview' ever given in Britland!

A young Andy Kershaw steps up to the bat here in 'a London studio' and throws a few curveballs at Bob and his bestest buddy; that bloke from Eurythmics. How many other interviewers would dare ask Dylan if he thought his recent output (as well as his Live Aid performance) was kind of crap?

Dylan and Dave Stewart doodle around with guitars while Kershaw throws out the questions.

Though typically monosyllabic in replying to the early questions, Dylan totally puts up the shutters and lets Stewart step in to explain the fiasco of Bob's Live Aid "problems."

We get some seemingly random 'muso jamming' stuff from the two musos .... then we're out!

The biggest question this thing brings up though is what the f*ck was Bob thinking when he came up with this  Wildean, scarf-embellished, outfit?

Friday, 18 April 2014

Art of the Cover - The Charlie Daniels Band's "Off The Grid-Doin' It Dylan" (2014)

Back when Charlie Daniels was a working musician and not a star, he played on three albums by Bob Dylan -- he played guitar and bass on the sessions that became Nashville Skyline, Self Portrait, and New Morning (which means he also shows up on the acclaimed 2013 archival release, Another Self Portrait (1969-1971)) -- so his decision to cut an album devoted to Dylan is not out of the blue.

What is surprising is that Off the Grid: Doin' It Dylan isn't one of Daniels' tossed-off latter-day albums, but rather a record where Charlie really digs in, savoring the interplay of his band as well as how the words feel in his mouth. Daniels does indeed choose a few of Bob's densely written songs -- "Mr. Tambourine Man," "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall," and "Just Like a Woman" are here, none of them seeming like easy fits on paper, but each carried with conviction by Charlie -- along with country-rockers that are sure bets: the rollicking ditty "Country Pie," "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight," and "Tangled Up in Blue," whose narrative gets trimmed down and sped up without losing its power.

That impassioned reworking of "Tangled Up in Blue" -- which finds a counterpart in a nicely raucous back porch rendition of "Quinn the Eskimo" -- goes a long way toward explaining what's so joyous about Off the Grid. Daniels enjoys not the words of Dylan so much as the melodies and music, using these songs not as ruminative reflection but full-bore celebration.

Even the ballads -- and there are a few here -- are played for keeps and if that music-first emphasis is a relative rarity among Dylan tributes, it's also true that it's been a long time since Daniels has sounded as engaged on a record as he is here.

by Stephen Thomas Erlewine allmusic


1 Tangled Up in Blue
2 Times They Are A-Changin'
3 I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
4 Gotta Serve Somebody
5 I Shall Be Released
6 Country Pie
7 Mr. Tambourine Man
8 Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
9 Just Like a Woman
10 Quinn the Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)

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The Art - Two blushing pilgrims ready stand


by sphongled

The Afrt - On A string

from Wes Lang's 'Chateau Marmont 'Series (2011)

The Shot - Seaside

Art of the Cover - L’Orange's "The Orchid Days" (2014)

A man fell in love. Then, the world was destroyed by an ever-growing nothing in the sky.

Sumptuous artwork designed by Melissa Madison Fuller, with additional graphic design by Sarah Mattmiller.

Yap, North Carolina-based poet, musician, and producer L’Orange is back to follow up 2012's acclaimed The Mad Writer with his Mello Music Group solo debut.

While he did drop a collaborative project with Stik Figa in the meantime, L’Orange’s solo projects always focus on the artistic flow of the project that is carried by the instrumentals.

Spanning nineteen tracks, L’Orange gives us a project that is described perfectly with the line used in the description: “Love is not only a theme in this record, it might just be the pattern.” 

Bringing in some stellar features with Blu, Homeboy Sandman, Jeremiah Jae, Erica Lane, and Billy Woods, the L’Orange story progresses.

L’Orange said of the new collection ...
“I fall into my concepts deeply. Normally they’re a reflection of my experiences and normally those experiences are internal. I wanted to move my concept out of my own head, although I think I ended up doing the opposite. The album is a love story set during the end of the world. Not the apocalypse. Just the ending.”  

Through previous outputs, we’ve come to know L’Orange as a painter who only paints in dark shades, mixing in samples from a bygone era. The Orchid Days echoes with the harbingers of inevitable change. Love is not only a theme in this record, it might just be the pattern. 
The Orchid Days seems to be L’Orange’s most revealing effort yet. “Eventually” will hypnotize you with feelings unrequited, “A Spring Like You,” will hold you with a longing for things as they were in another life long-forgotten. 
“The Orchard” will numb you with its falling beauty, and you’ll know that she’s worked you over, and you won’t even care anymore. 
And all this is just the first of many courses that The Orchid Days puts forth. With each successive listen, notes of terror, wonder, paradise, oblivion sing in the shadows.

I just came across L'Orange a few months ago and have been enthralled by his music ever since. Using early 20th century cuts, he puts together an extremely thematic scene of music that makes you forget where you are and what era you are in. 
It is darn near impossible to not knock your head back and forth to every song on this album. The way he combines records is talent at its finest; the dialogue on old records and that boom bap beat that is specific to L'Orange, really creates fantastic ambient music. I have spun this album probably 10 times over since I have got it last week. Take a listen, I am not steering you wrong, trust me. 

01 – Unreliable Narrator (feat. Erik Todd Dellums)
02 – Second Person
03 – Man of the Night (feat. Erica Lane)
04 – The Pull of Warmth
05 – Mind vs. Matter (feat. Homeboy Sandman)
06 – Eventually
07 – A Spring Like You
08 – Haiku
09 – Need You (feat. Blu)
10 – For Those Who Don’t
11 – Will Wait
12 – Panic
13 – The Stars We’re Made Of
14 – Love Letter (feat. Jeremiah Jae)
15 – Spilled Together
16 – The Orchard
17 – Like Nothing and Nobody
18 – The End (feat. Billy Woods)
19 – What Was Left

AV Dolls - Monochrome Set

Moments In Time - Bob & Sara Dylan Chill With Mason Hoffenberg & John Sebastian

The Still - Carwash, Yeah

Cam shows her talents in Jake Kasdan's Oscar-winning Bad Teacher (2011) 

The Tee - Hipsterminator

The Curio - The Sara Dylan Doll

Cult Cuties - Raquel on the Sands

Art of the Book - Fade A Lesbian's Tale

Moving Models - Action Gal

The Art - Pornstar

The Still - The Room

from Todd Rohal's Slug 660 (1998)

Vintage Vixens - Park Life


The Video - David J covers Britney's ‘Toxic’

I'm slippin' under, with a taste of a poison paradise

David J, Haskins the former bassist of Bauhaus and Love and Rockets, this month releases his new Kickstarter-funded solo album An Eclipse of Ships via Bandcamp.

Fans who buy the record get a downloadable bonus track featuring David J doing a “super sleazy” cover of Britney Spears’ 2003 smash single “Toxic.”

And a fine, dark cover it is too. Very sax-xy!

As can be seen below, Haskins has also made an, erm, interesting video for the song, on which he’s backed by Adrian H and the Wounds.

More after the jump [a tad NSFW] ....

The Art - Angelic


Art of the Cover - Ed Harcourt's "Time of Dust" (2014)

Back in 2000, acclaimed British singer/songwriter Ed Harcourt started into his solo career with the Maplewood EP, a self-recorded six-track mini-album. Six full-lengths and much critical praise later, the Mercury-Prize-nominated artist is delivering his second EP or mini-album to bridge the wait until his next LP. 

But this album is so much more than a simple space filler…

In a press release, Harcourt says: 
“Early next year, I’m heading into the studio with Flood (Nine Inch Nails, PJ Harvey, etc) to work on an album of evil songs, but before I set sail for the edge of the world, I wanted to break people in gently. Think of Time of Dust as a piece of the map I’ll be using to navigate the fog and fire. Or maybe it’s the creak of the floorboard before the wolf pounces?”
Time of Dust was released on January 06, 2014 via CCCLX Music.  The first single Love Is A Minor Key will also be released that day.

The album features vocals of the wonderful British songstress Kathryn Williams with whom Harcourt collaborated on her latest album Crown Electric.


01 – Come Into My Dreamland
02 – In My Time Of Dust
03 – The Saddest Orchestra (It Only Plays For You)
04 – We All Went Down With The Ship
05 – Parliament Of Rooks
06 – Love Is A Minor Key

Then and Now - Angie & the Plastic Surgeon

Moments In Time - The Girls Are Back In Town: Lou, Bowie & Iggy (1972)

A great shot by Mick Rock.

So which one of  these lovelies was actually straight? .... Yeah, trick question!!

Yap, legendary rockers Ziggy Stardust, James Osterberg and 'Frankenstein's Monster' hit the Big Apple in '72.

Why's Iggy wearting a T-Rex tee?

The Shot - Straw Hat

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