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Art of the Poster - Kar Wai & Antonioni & Soderbergh's "Eros" (2004)

With beautiful bijou films directed by acclaimed directors Michelangelo Antonioni, Steven Soderbergh and Kar Wai Wong, "Eros" is a wonderful and unique three-part anthology film about love and sexuality: a menage-a-trois between a couple and a young woman on the coast of Tuscany; an advertising executive under enormous pressure at work, who, during visits to his psychiatrist, is pulled to delve into the possible reasons why his stress seems to manifest itself in a recurring erotic dream; and a story of unrequited love about a beautiful, 1960s high-end call girl in an impossible affair with her young tailor.

Art of the Book - Wong Kar Wai & John Powers "WKW" (2015)

The long-awaited retrospective from the internationally renowned film director celebrated for his visually lush and atmospheric films. Wong Kar Wai is known for his romantic and stylish films that explore - in saturated, cinematic scenes - themes of love, longing, and the burden of memory. 
His style reveals a fascination with mood and texture, and a sense of place figures prominently. In this volume, the first on his entire body of work, Wong Kar Wai and writer John Powers explore Wong’s complete oeuvre in the locations of some of his most famous scenes. 
The book is structured as six conversations between Powers and Wong (each in a different locale), including the restaurant where he shot In the Mood for Love and the snack bar where he shot Chungking Express. 
Discussing each of Wong’s eleven films - from As Tears Go By and Days of Being Wild to 2046 and The Grandmaster - the conversations also explore Wong’s trademark themes of time, nostalgia, and beauty, and their roots in his personal life. 
The first book by Wong Kar Wai, and the first comprehensive look at his oeuvre, this stunning, lavishly illustrated volume is as evocative as walking into one of Wong’s lush films. With more than 250 photographs and film stills and an opening critical essay by Powers, this volume is poised to become the film book of the year.

Art of the Poster - Umberto Lenzi's "Un posto ideale per uccidere" {aka 'An Ideal Place to Kill'} (1971)

The Art - The stairs creak as you sleep

Friday, 3 July 2015

Art of the Poster - Hsiao-hsien Hou's "Qian Xi Man Po" {aka "Millenium Mambo"} (2001)

Art of the Poster - JL Moxey's "Circus of Fear" (1966)

The Music - Lykke Li blasts out "I Never Learn" Live on KEXP

lonely chimes sing of pain ...

Lovely LL with a nice live version of the gorgeous, heart-tugging, weeping and sweeping, sumptuous, strings-infused song of separation and loss, "I Never Learn".

Love the wonderful country instrumental here in this restrained version.

The song was title track to last year's dark, thing of beauty, the, erm ...  "I Never Learn" album.

This, her third LP, was apparently the final installment in a loose conceptual trilogy started with her debut, Youth Novels and continued with 2011’s Wounded Rhymes.

Art of the Cover - The Rolling Stones "Sticky Fingers" [Super Deluxe 3 CD + 1 DVD + 7" Box Set] (2015)

A beautifully presented Super Deluxe Reissue of  the sublime "Sticky Fingers" has just been released.

Yap, I am just a tad excited about getting my mitts on this thing.

I want it! ... I want it!! ...I want it!!!

Ahem ... sorry ... but can someone kindly get this for me please .... right fucking now!!!

This magnificent new Box Set is truly a must have. The package includes a Remastered version of the album, two Bonus CDs with unreleased performances as well as a live DVD and a re-pressing of two of the great classic 7" vinyl singles of all time.

CD 1 is a fully remastered version of of the original Sticky Fingers. The seminal Stones 1971 classic has been expertly remastered to make the sound even more soulful and bluesy. The sound here makes Mick, Keith, ace lead guitarist Mick Taylor, and company come alive in vivid, raw, blues-soaked detail.

CD 2 includes a full 10 bonus Sticky Fingers tracks - featuring 5 alternate takes and 5 fantastic live tracks from London 14 March 1971.  Meanwhile CD 3 has the complete legendary gig from Leeds on 13 March 1971. 

There is also DVD featuring performances form the Marquee 1971 gig along with a re-pressing of the classic 7" vinyl singles,  Brown Sugar and Wild Horses.

The Super Deluxe Edition is housed in a gorgeous Presentation Box (with a real zipper - yap, Warhol's original design feature of a working zipper has been reinstated!) replete with with a 120-page  hardcover book with new liner notes, unseen photographs, band cut-out. There's also a bunch of Posters, Postcards ... and lots more!

The carefully crafted 120-page limited-edition book recounts the making of this classic album and features an extensive essay by Nick Kent. The book is embellished with previously unpublished images of the band and lavishly illustrated with metallic gold ink throughout.

Wild horses couldn't drag me away!

Oh yeah, the original LP artwork for Sticky Fingers was created by a certain Andy Warhol and really caused a scandal at the time. 

The mighty Sticky Fingers is considered today as an absolute masterpiece - rightly regarded by critics and fans alike as one of the greatest albums ever. 

 Ranked #63 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, Sticky Fingers captures the band at the absolute peak of its powers on timeless tracks such as "Brown Sugar," "Wild Horses," "Bitch," "Sister Morphine" and "Dead Flowers." 

New to this Super Deluxe Edition is a surfeit of must-hear bonus material. The ten selections on the first bonus disc include the alternative version of the chart-topping single "Brown Sugar" featuring Eric Clapton; unreleased interpretations of "Bitch," "Can't You Hear Me Knocking," and "Dead Flowers"; an acoustic take on the anthemic "Wild Horses", and five tracks recorded live at the Roundhouse in 1971, including "Honky Tonk Women" and "Midnight Rambler."

The Super Deluxe Edition also houses Get Yer Leeds Lungs Out, a 13-track recording of the Stones' gig in Leeds in March 1971, performed shortly before their "exile" in France. The set includes versions of the just-completed "Brown Sugar," "Bitch" and "Dead Flowers."

You can also see two numbers from the band's famous Marquee Club show on March 26, 1971 on DVD.

All this is in addition to the beautiful 120-page hardback book complete with real zipper, new liner notes, and many rare and unseen photographs from the era--plus a print, postcard set, and more.

The album was was recorded in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Stargroves, Mick's country home, and Olympic Studios in London. Produced by Jimmy Miller, the album originally came out released shortly after the Stones became exiled in the south of France.

The first sessions that led to Sticky Fingers took place as far back as December 1969, in the remote location of Muscle Shoals Sound Studios, Alabama. The band then reconvened, back home in the UK both at Olympic and with the Rolling Stones Mobile parked up at Jagger's Stargroves home.

Soon after the album hit, Sticky Fingers became the band's sixth UK #1 LP. Its US reign was matched by its performance in the US, and it also raced to the top in Australia, Canada, and through much of Europe.

Today, it's rightly considered a near-peerless classic.

• Super Deluxe Edition
• Remastered album on CD
• Bonus CD featuring previously unreleased alternate takes and live performances
Get Your Leeds Lungs Out CD / Live March 1971
• DVD featuring 2 tracks from Live At The Marquee 
• 7” vinyl with "Brown Sugar" and "Wild Horses."
• 120-page hardback book complete with real zipper, new liner notes, and many unseen photos from the era
• Print, poster, postcard set, and mini-replica of band cut-out
• All housed in a beautiful presentation box


CD 1: Sticky Fingers (Remastered)
Brown Sugar
Wild Horses
Can’t You Hear Me Knocking
You Gotta Move
I Got The Blues
Sister Morphine
Dead Flowers
Moonlight Mile

CD 2: Unreleased Versions of Sticky Fingers Tracks

Brown Sugar (Alternate Version with Eric Clapton)
Wild Horses (Acoustic Version)
Can’t You Hear Me Knocking (Alternate Version)
Bitch (Extended Version)
Dead Flowers (Alternate Version)
Live With Me (Live At The Roundhouse, 1971)
Stray Cat Blues (Live At The Roundhouse, 1971)
Love In Vain (Live At The Roundhouse, 1971)
Midnight Rambler (Live At The Roundhouse, 1971)
Honky Tonk Women (Live At The Roundhouse, 1971)

CD 3: Get Yer Leeds Lungs Out 
Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Live At Leeds University, 1971)
Live With Me (Live At Leeds University, 1971)
Dead Flowers (Live At Leeds University, 1971)
Stray Cat Blues (Live At Leeds University, 1971)
Love In Vain (Live At Leeds University, 1971)
Midnight Rambler (Live At Leeds University, 1971)
Bitch (Live At Leeds University, 1971)
Honky Tonk Women (Live At Leeds University, 1971)
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (Live At Leeds University, 1971)
Little Queenie (Live At Leeds University, 1971)
Brown Sugar (Live At Leeds University, 1971)
Street Fighting Man (Live At Leeds University, 1971)
Let It Rock (Live At Leeds University, 1971)
DVD: Live at The Marquee, 1971 
Midnight Rambler
7" Singles 
1. Brown Sugar (7" vinyl)
2. Wild Horses (7" vinyl)

Thursday, 2 July 2015

The Art - Surfing USA

Moving Models - Boudoir Blues

The Word - Tired of crying on the stairs,

The neons and the cigarettes, rented rooms and rented cars. The crowded streets, the empty bars, chimney tops and trumpets. The golden lights, the loving prayers, the colored shoes, the empty trains. I'm tired of crying on the stairs, The downtown lights. Yeah, yeah.

Cult Cuties - Marilyn à la Plage

Garcelle Beauvais Blog

Art of the Cover - Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray's "Lean Into The Wind" (2014)

Some real nice retro artwork adorns "Lean Into the Wind" .

This fine collection is the second full length release by Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray - the follow-up to 2012's critically acclaimed "We're From Here".

This wonderful slice of Americana, sadly, went off the radar a bit last year, but there truly are some real gems in here, folks!

Check it out!

Lean Into the Wind, the second full-length album from this hard touring rock band is the product of a year plagued by the chaos of friends passing, illness, depression and self-doubt, but also one of adventure, travel, friendship and the kinds of life events that ultimately help us to cut through the noise.

Lean Into The Wind is as twangy as it is fuzzy. Take the work of Gram Parsons with The Flying Burrito Brothers or The Byrds during their “Sweetheart Of The Rodeo” period, and slap Miss Shevaughn’s frighteningly powerful voice on top, and you have the songs of “Lean Into The Wind”.


1. Drifter's Compass 04:26
2. Election Year Blues 04:20
3. Coyote 05:23
4. Bleed Me 05:00
5. Lone Star Souvenir 04:29
6. When The Pumps Run Dry 05:58
7. Oh, Tornado 03:54
8. Long Way Home 04:29
9. Sure As Hell 04:30
10. Destruction Story 05:11
11. Blue Dream 03:26
12. Brushed The Dust Off (Lean Into the Wind) 05:10

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